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MarHaven Greens
623 Colfax Rd NW
Belgrade, MN 56312


Our Golf Course

MarHaven Greens - a truly unique and special golf course honoring our veterans

Our golf course has been professionally designed to be suitable for physically disabled golfers. A great amount of time has been spent on the planning of our project and we hope that with hard work and dedication we will be able to finish our project next year.

There is a page on our website dedicated to the follow up of the construction, all updates will be posted on this page and we hope you come visit our website often so you don't miss anything.

About this unique course

Unlike any course in the area, this golf course intends to represent the different wars of America. From the first World War to Desert Storm, all of our major conflicts are incorporated into the course.

  • There will be a 12 to 14 ft. fence around the entire course that portrays a fence for the POWs
  • Hole One will represent WW I with a sand trap shaped like Italy.
  • Hole Two is dedicated to the depression era.
  • Holes Three through Five represent WW II from scenes of Europe to the South Pacific to the Baton March - with islands representing where they fought.
  • Hole seven reminds us of the "Forgotten War" by representing the Korean War
  • After Hole seven there is a 450-foot-long wooded trail representing Vietnam "...intended to represent the ruts of Nam," according to MarHaven's founder.
  • Hole Nine is meant to represent the Golf War, portraying the desert conditions with no water.
  • Our facility includes a golf course for handicapped individuals as well as our regular nine.
  • Expansion plans for the course are already underway and will include representation for the Iraqi Freedom War.
  • The Water holes are designed like miniature islands and have American flags waving in the center of each.
  • There will also be a driving range and putting green.
  • Areas are available near each hole to sit and visit or rest.

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