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MarHaven Greens
623 Colfax Rd NW
Belgrade, MN 56312


About MarHaven Greens

MarHaven Greens - a dream come true

MarHaven Greens is an organization that was recently founded and is dedicated to provide recreational golf and activities to all of our military members.

Led by Marlyn Marquardt, the MarHaven Greens project is truly unique. Designed to be a place "...where we can all go and understand each other," Marquardt dedicated his time and money to make this dream a reality.

Our facilities will be open to military veterans, active military members and their loved ones. Here at MarHaven greens we admire and respect our military soldiers and veterans who defend our freedom and put their lives on the line to make our world a better place.


blue print

Golf Coarse and Recreation Center

  • 6- Mini golf handicap pads
  • 9-A par holes

Mar- represents- a peaceful land
Haven- represents- environment
Greens- represents- nature or park system

Contents: This course and recreation center has been a mission for Marlyn MarQuardt. Upon completion his grandmother told him "that we needed to do something for the boys and gals", meaning the veterans who have fought for our freedom.

Introduction: Mar-Haven-Greens introduce the trilogy of events that captures the mind, body, and soul. At its present ground the sanctuary, when starting out on the complex on the trails. First all to appear is mini golf pad no.1 green. Built for American people when, looking across the threshold a monument of a cross centered in the Dawn water pond, leaving ships on a maiden voyage through Italy. Migrating to the U.S.A, after World War I shown double hook boots in sand traps on a Par hole No. 1.

Traveling on the course to mini golf par No. 2 green, represents the battle fought in Europe in World War II. When at Par Hole No. 2, a seating stone court yard of old world labyrinth in the wall on the course complex.

Another fence of interest is of a concentration camp reminding us about capturing the off-set of Europe when a Freedom Bridge was saved on mini golf pad No. 3, leading to the end of the war in Europe releasing a closure of events at the Bleeding Hearts water pond. Of the lost souls that weren't saved until later in time In A par hole No. 3. When realizing that on the other side of the world a second war II of the Pacific theater occurred. Traveling on the course the country was recovering from a depression separating America into two's everywhere.

To mini golf pad No.4 green. Visiting grandma's tree replenished the memory of good times back home when sitting in the gazebo in the corn crib complex. When a day in infamy leading to a par hole 6 No. 4 memorial of Pearl Harbor that changed a part of history, marching onward into the Bataan March trail, captured a lot of events. Inside the Japanese concentration camp, walking by the half moon water pond, to the battle stage of Mount Suribachi, Raising the American flag on Iwo Jima.

In the par hole No. 5 when defeating the Japanese in the Manchurian prison camp on capturing the bridge on the river kwai looking down from the landing towers a warm welcome came for away from home across the course reaching out to mini golf pad No. 5 green.

America was rebuilding after a major world war when a conflict over a peninsula occurred when two sides of the Korean nations during seasonal times on a par hole No.6. Seeing but not believing was always the thought. Look at the pear eyed water ponds someone watching always was the thought.

Forgotten in time the Korean War conflict when the world lost touch, returning man and woman to rebuild a stubborn nation, in par hole No. 7 this hole gives them a chance to remember.

Traveling the course in mini golf hole No. 6 green, where there were no home comings in time. Reflecting back in time America lost touch and base with the baby boomers of war. In Par hole No. 8 the Ruts of Nam. On a 450 foot trail through the dense woods of jungles of Vietnam passing by (Charlie), when traveling to the over looking the sand traps on the way to south china beach.

Supply and demand upon foreign diplomacy in Saudi Arabia through Kuwait securing boundaries. To reaching the bases built on fossil fuels, limitations bringing a dry oasis of Eden (Iraq). A par hole No. 9 completing the course consists of a putting range, and a driving range continuing through the last structure of the course leading its way back to the clubhouse where numerous events will be presented which consists labels of memberships.

  • DAV
  • Who's Who in America
  • Veterans of foreign affairs
  • Veterans of Mini golf recreation association

Founder/owner- Marlyn M. Marquardt

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